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This season, with the Trinity Playhouse doors still closed, Stage Left Players have determined to spread some much needed holiday cheer. Let's turn back the clock to 1959, throw a dime in the jukebox, get ready to bebop to your holiday favorites and enjoy the 2010 recording of our original holiday musical, "Jingle My Bell!"  Then fast forward to 1969 for Jingle My Bell 2- It's a pretty, swell Life!"


Join Stage Left Players’ original cast performance recorded December 4, 2010 at the Trinity Playhouse. Resident Artistic Director Kandace Cleland wrote “Jingle My Bell” to provide the community with a piece of holiday nostalgia they could claim as their own. Word of the production that included top notch holiday vocals spread and Stage Left reprised the show three times since 2010. 


Many thanks to Abby Chandler of CWC Productions who filmed and edited the show- and offered it to Stage Left Players in 2020 as a way to celebrate Jingle’s 10th Anniversary, and to help Stage Left Players continue their story and survive the pandemic.