Join us for a final weekend of Holiday fun!

It's your last chance to join the McClelland family as they try to make it through the holidays at Mamaw Jo's Stop-N-Go. With eldest boy, Sgt. Chuck deployed to Afghanistan, hearts are heavy this holiday season, but the McClellands cling to each other and tradition to make merry. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SNEAK PREVIEW OF OUR SHOW! Kay McMillan stars as Mamaw in this heartwarming, holiday original. Last year's cast is back with John Diddle as Papaw, Kandy Cleland as their daughter Kasey, and DJ DePanicis and Jacob Ward as her two younger sons. Ally DePanicis plays Sgt. Chuck's wife Faith who manages the home front and her four kids played by Marshall Hall, Logan Wood, Bryce Wood and Reagan Smith.