Congratulations Cast of Legally Blonde Jr!

Congrats to the cast of 29 talented singer-actor-dancers who auditioned for our JR/SR High show. Rehearsals begin Saturday, December 7th from 1-2:30 PM. Please make sure to attend. We will hand out rehearsal materials at this time, and get to know who's who in the cast. Everyone plays a vital role in telling Elle's story. Thank you for your positive energy and support as we put the show together. CLICK HERE to see the cast list!

Audition Sign Ups for "Legally Blonde Jr"! on SUNDAY, November 24th

You've been waiting to sign up, right? Well, here you go! Complete this form to let our directors, Kandy Cleland and Jodine Pilmer know WHEN you are coming to auditions and WHAT you will be singing. Prepare for success! Sing and ACT a song you are SUPER familiar with. And bring that sheet music with you if it's something that is not from the show- or let Jodine know and she MIGHT have it in her music library. We are looking for 20-24 young people grades 7-12 who LOVE theatre and want to spend a lot of time rehearsing over their holiday break. We will begin rehearsing the first week of December. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE AUDITION FORM!