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Make your NO SEW PPE Mask with Kandy

High Demand for PPE Face masks was causing artistic director/costumer feeling overwhelmed to meet the need- even with her heroic army of helpers.

So Kandy asked, "How could non-sewing, quarantined people make their own masks out of what they have readily available- at little or no cost?"

Here's a link to the printable PDF instructions.

This "Beautiful Question" led her to this simple solution. Kandy says, "Make your own mask with your own t-shirt! And make improvements to the model I created. We are all in this together!" (BIG Kids with sharp scissor skills can do this!)

Kandy used a Stage Left Youth Players t-shirt from "Eureka- the musical that celebrates brain power" to create the mask. How cool is that? The Cleland/Pilmer original one act musical about inventors and asking questions became a tangible part of a solution to a Covid 19 problem.

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