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AUDITIONS January 17 &18!

"The empty stage attracts no light. I repeat the empty stage attracts no light."

We will audition at the Trinity Playhouse next Tuesday & Wednesday, January 17th & 18th from 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM Follow this link to your online audition sign up form.

We are proud to present the Players of Dunsk presenting “At This Evening’s Performance” as the next show of our 30th Season! Paul Dahman will direct this comedy by Nagle Jackson. Paul is looking for a cast of passionate and untrustworthy characters to take the stage March 17-19th & 24-26th 2023.


On tour in rural Dunsk (recently annexed by the hated socialist state of Strevia) a theatrical troupe is obliged to present corny melodramas and creaky verse plays as modern drama has been banned by their new masters. Led by a hammy egomaniac (who has amorous designs on the company’s ingenue) and his Amazonian wife (who is herself in panting pursuit of the group’s handsome young actor), the actors seem more concerned with romantic assignations than politics until they discover that their new stage manager is a Strevian spy. To make matters worse, it also develops that one of the lines in the play of the evening is a secret cue for subversive activity and that the speaker (a member of the underground) will be summarily disposed of by a gunman in the audience. All this reaches its hilarious climax in a wildly funny play-within-a-play. Find out who will be shot, who escapes, and most importantly; will they get a good review?


Saskia: Ingenue with the Players of Dunsk Oskar: Elderly character actor with the Players Piers: Young male lead with Players Gunther Posnik: Actor/manager of the Players Hippolyta Posnik: Prima donna of the Players Valdez: Their stage manager Pankoff: Minister of Culture of Strevia

Any questions email Paul Dahman at or call 724-426-1955.


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