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Calling ALL Friends of the Playhouse!

In the final countdown to 2024, we hope that you will consider becoming a “Friend of the Playhouse” with your $5 per month tax-deductible donation. So far, we have over 100 Friends who have made that monthly commitment to helping us pay the bills to maintain and sustain our historic building. We hope to add 20 more friends before the ball drops in NYC this year!

A recent Friend of the Playhouse says we can find more friends like him. “Most of us spend more than that driving through Taco Bell every week. All the good you do for this community? I’ll give you five bucks a month. You’ve got lots of friends out there. Just get the word out and you’ll see.”

So that’s what we’re doing. Our ultimate goal is to create a Friend base of 500 members- 1 Friend at a time. Thank you to all of our current supporters and thank you for your consideration as we continue our campaign!

Scan the QR Code or visit our homepage and follow the link to our PayPal site! Thank you!


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