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Coming Soon: All Together Now

Your favorite Stage Left Players from years past will take to the stage, supported by a live orchestra directed by Jodine Pilmer, to warm your heart and make you laugh in this musical review.

Stage Left joins more than 2,000 other theaters around the globe to celebrate a grand re-opening.

Expect performances of some of your favorite musical theater songs by folks who've graced Stage Left's stage over the past 24 years.


Kaleigh Ceci, Kandy Cleland, Ali Flannigan, Paige Johnson, Kari Lankford, Christine Martin, Linda McKim, Olivia Rice, Kellie Ryan, Renee Schreffler, Niki Slaven, Courtney Ullom, Leslie Ward, Jackson Cornwell, Paul Dahman, Brady Duncan, Will Flannigan, Aaron Hinchliffe, Daniel Huston, Kevin Schreffler, Marcus Shutrump, Andrew Ullom, Jacob Ward, Kaleigh Ceci, Jackson Cornwell, Brady Duncan, Olivia Rice


Dates: Nov. 12 & 13 Times: 7 p.m. Price: $15/adult - $12/student and seniors


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