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Updates: "It's Christmas, Carol!" Cancelled, "Wake Up, Aurora!" Still a Go

No news is good news, they say. Well, this announcement is, admittedly, a mixed bag.

In light of an injury suffered by Kandace Cleland, writer/director/star, during a performance of "It's Christmas, Carol!" Stage Left has cancelled the remaining performances of the show.

Though we love entertaining our patrons, we also love our staff and performers and wish the best for them and their health. We all wish Kandy a speedy and uneventful recovering during this holiday season. She will be back on stage, and in the director's chair, soon.

If you purchased a ticket for the show, you will receive an email from Stage Left regarding your options.

"Wake Up, Aurora!"

Stage Left's original children's show "Wake Up, Aurora!" was rescheduled to December. Fortunately, the show is still on!

Princess Aurora returns to her kingdom after a thirteen year nap to find her mother and sisters banished as her cousin Julian rules with an iron fist and a ... hankie? Julian's allergies to the roses of Briar send him into sneezing fits of rage, and the Lords, Ladies and children run for cover. Everything looks different. How will Aurora find her way back to the castle to restore beauty and truth to her beloved kingdom?

Performances: Dec. 17 & 18 at 7 p.m.

Dec. 19 at 2 p.m.


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