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Our 31st Season! 

2023 - 2024
Season Tickets are on sale NOW-November 1st!
CLICK HERE to purchase yours!

The Verdeen Sisters of Sweetgum, Texas are back! That’s right! Gaynelle, Peaches and Jimmie Wyvette—teetering on the brink of disaster! Again! As the outrageous complications of this ferociously funny Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy explode into chaos on the Trinity Playhouse stage, you’ll find yourself hoping your next family celebration—be it birthday, wedding or funeral—is even half this much fun!

Return with us to 1850’s Ohio through our original production of Snap the Whip! Inspired by Winslow Homer’s painting, children will playfully scatter across a meadow in summer heat, gather apples during fall harvest, battle winter storms and sickness, and rejoice in a spring thaw. 

2- Snap the Whip.png

For the holidays, back by popular demand, A Star Trek Christmas! All of your favorite Star Trek TOS characters aboard the StarShip Enterprise will provide a holiday spoof to make your Christmas merry & bright. Captain Kirk and his crew courageously face off with Klingon Commander Kolon as they attempt to save Santa and Christmas!

3- A Star Trek Christmas.png

This 1941 classic will delight as you visit with the eccentric Brewster family.  Nephew Mortimer the normal one of the clan, discovers that his Aunt Martha and Aunt Abby have developed a habit of charming lonely old men and then poisoning them with their very special elderberry wine as a work of charity. They even hold funeral services for their victims. Then there's Mortimer's brother who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt... Curious? Courageously enter the playhouse doors to experience dark comedy and screwball farce.

4- Arsenic and Old Lace.png

Journey with us under the sea for the epic journey of Salina the mama sea turtle who hears voices calling her to leave the safety of the reef. Pearl, the wise oyster, helps her discern the ancient call to lay her eggs on the same beach where she was hatched. It will take her ocean friends, science wiz kids, and all of us to help Salina succeed in her dangerous voyage.

5- Saving Salina.png

Hold on to your seats as a tornado sweeps you up to venture over the rainbow with Dorothy Gale. Suddenly you’re not in Lisbon or Kansas anymore. You’ll face a Wicked Witch as you make your way to the merry old land of Oz with Dorothy, Toto and her newfound friends the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion. Do you have the brains, heart and courage to help Dorothy meet the Wizard’s demands?

6- Wizard of Oz.png
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