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The 39 Steps! Two more weekends!

Do you need a good laugh?

Then make a trip down to the Trinity Playhouse to see our hilarious version of "The 39 Steps'! Saturdays and Sundays only, Oct 27, 28, Nov 3 & 4, 2018.

Stage Left is mixing a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python to perform a fast paced whodunit.

Just in time for Halloween, you'll enjoy Patrick Barlow's stage adaptation of Buchan's 1915 novel and Hitchcock's 1935 film. It's two hours of suspense, thriller and most of all, comedy with a brilliant cast of locals you've come to love.

Paul Dahman plays Richard Hannay, the listless, bored Englishman looking for some adventure. He finds it in his trip to the theatre where he meets the beautiful spy, Annabella Schmidt played by Jennifer Milligan. He also finds it when he meets the lovely Margaret and stunning Pamela Edwards, ALSO played by Ms. Milligan. Hannay's adventure through the UK finds him wrestling with thugs, fleeing from police, and chased by fighter pilots- all played by Eric Kibler and Jacob Ward with split second costume changes (aided by our crew of Abby Beil, Grace Beil, Izzie Cornwell, Jackson Cornwell and Marshall Hall.)

It''s a Madcap Adventure you won't want to miss.

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