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What's YOUR Stage Left Story?

Kay McMillan's Stage Left Story.

The magic of live performance came to an abrupt halt at the Trinity Playhouse on March 13, 2020.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, the historic building fell eerily silent, leaving the mammoth trees of Sherwood Forest to cast shadows from the ghost light across an empty stage. Carefully stage-crafted bows and arrows lie ready in the wings. Medieval costumes fill the racks. But for now, there’s not a Stage Left Player to tell this story of “… the Adventures of Robin Hood” in sight.

Stage Left's story began 28 years ago, but things now look grim. We believe that as we share the individual Stage Left stories that bind us, we will emerge strong and vibrant. Working together, our vision to transform, inspire and connect people through community theatre will prevail. So we’re asking, “What’s YOUR Stage Left Story?” “How has Stage Left impacted your life? Your children?”

The need is real. Since March we’ve had to postpone three shows. The utility and insurance bills still roll in monthly. Each month $1470 goes out and, currently, $0 comes in. Unfortunately, we have enough saved to keep us going for only two more months. And while our story has taken an unpredictable turn, with your help it won’t come to an end.

We’re asking you to do three things:

-- 1. Email to share your story of how Stage Left has impacted your life (attached videos are great too)

-- 2. Share your story with your friends

-- 3. Follow the link to our homepage DONATE BUTTON to become a friend to keep Stage Left’s story going.

If only 10% of our Facebook friends pledge $5-10 a month, we will be able to pay our bills and reopen the Trinity Playhouse doors when it’s safe to do so. Thank you for your support. Our story’s not over yet. With your help, this will become a compelling chapter we will talk about for years to come.

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