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If you missed "The Bear Hike"...

Many thanks to Eileen Dray-Bardon, Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist and member of the Columbiana County Parks District. Eileen presented her program “Nature’s Role in Andrew Krivak’s The Bear” as part of Stage Left’s NEA Big Read.

Eileen shared her knowledge of the natural setting of the novel with the group of twenty “Bear Hikers” at Scenic Vista Park. The group gathered in the pavilion to learn about how the girl and her father used their natural surroundings to survive as the last inhabitants on planet earth. Her exhibit of artifacts included a black bear pelt, skull and various tree and foliage samples referenced in the book. These hands-on samples allowed the group to get a real “feel” for the lonely world of the girl and her father, and gain an appreciation of how nature provided all they needed to survive throughout the seasons.

Following the presentation, the group took a shorter hike than Eileen had planned. For safety purposes. The group stayed close to the pavilion since bow hunters had taken to the areas she intended to share. Mayor Peter Wilson shared his knowledge of the birds that made Scenic Vista their homes throughout the year.

Eileen may be taking her program “on the road” as two Boy Scouts in the group asked for her to visit and share her insights with their troop. To see video clips of Eileen’s presentation, visit our NEA Big Read webpage that will be updated frequently.


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