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SPARK Storytellers share "Curveball" stories Saturday, March 9th!

Join SPARK Storytellers at 7 PM Saturday, March 9th in our SPARK Storytelling event at the Trinity Playhouse. Coach Kandy Cleland and friends Celeste Baronzzi, Elaine Blose, Karen Clark, Gloria Mathews, Kelly Vebelun , Rich Vebelun and Scott Weingart have workshopped for the past 5 weeks to create true stories prompted by the theme of “Curveballs!” 

Our stories...

  • A trip to the art museum that exposes hidden fears.

  • A joy ride with the family car that leaves a forever mark at the mall.

  • A pesky rabbit who becomes a best friend.

  • A triathalon athlete must endure more than she bargained for.

  • A business trip to India that leaves an imprint on the heart.

  • An impulsive ear piercing that goes very wrong.

  • A whistle that evokes a lifetime of memories.

  • A test flight on paper bag wings that escalates.

  • A little leaguer who comes to bat at the bottom of the ninth.

Curious? We hope so!

If you enjoy tuning into NPR’s “The Moth Radio Hour”  you are sure to love an evening of SPARK!” - Storytelling to Promote Acceptance, Respect & Kindness in our hometown   

Admission is $10 and can be made at the door. Season Subscribers may use their Flex Passes for this event.  Let the stories begin!


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