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Cinderella Casts! NEW CALENDARS!

Rehearsals are going GREAT for both casts. The kids are excited- getting into costumes and just having lots of fun with their characters. Thank you, parents and friends for continuing to support these young actors by reviewing lines, lyrics and music at home. Encourage them to show you their smooth dance moves as well.

The schedules have been updated to reflect the progress they have made so far. We have some scenes and songs ready to go, and others need more time, hence, the schedule adjustments. Thank you for your patience as we work through the process.

Please note the IMPORTANT PARENT MEETING slated for the first 30 minutes of your child's FULL CAST SATURDAY, OCT 27 rehearsal. You'll get the details on costumes, how to complete your child's bio form for the program, how to help behind the scenes, and lots more good stuff. The shows are sneaking up fast on us and we will need all hands on deck to switch the set around quickly for the first weekend of performances.

TICKETS are on sale NOW! Make sure you reserve. The seats sell out fast for the youth shows.

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