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Kidz on Broadway 2023

CLICK HERE to sign up for your Meet & Greet Audition on May May 2oth or June 3rd!

Stage Left Youth Players are REIMAGINING and REINVENTING our popular and amazing summer theater camp for kids grades K through 8!


This year at the Trinity Playhouse in Lisbon, Ohio you can immerse yourself in THEATRE FUN in THREE ACTS!


That's right! jump into kids on Broadway for 3 weeks, 2 weeks, or 1 week! Whatever fits your crazy summer schedule. We hope you find the details in this video helpful as you make your decisions about how to fill the summer of 2023 with theatre arts fun! 

Kidz Camp

Theatre Games
Design- Costumes, Lighting, Scenic...
Learn to use your body, voice & imagination to create characters!
Make Memories and
Make Friends
to last a lifetime!



Kandy Cleland
Jodine Pilmer
Tessa Young
Jacob Ward
Christine Martin
John Diddle
Paul Dahman
Erica Putro
Paige Johnson
Niki Slaven

8th Graders
share Kidz Camp Memories

Last year's 8th graders share their insights on what Kidz on Broadway is all about, and why they've spent three weeks in July with Stage Left Youth Players summer after summer.

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