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A Star Trek Christmas! Were you there for weekend 1?

"I have never enjoyed a silly farce more than this production. I giggled and laughed and clapped like a kid at Christmas."

"The writing was amusing, the acting superb, the costuming amazing and what a treasure you have ..."

"... a work of art ... “beam me up” was particularly well executed. I'm ready for the holiday now!"

Enjoy some photos of weekend 1 intermission with Santa and the crew of the USS Enterprise visited. Join us this weekend for our final voyage for this holiday season! 7 pm Friday & Saturday, December 8 & 9 and 2 PM Sunday. See you at the show!

Purchase tickets ONLINE or at the door! $15 for adults and $12 for seniors and students. For more information email or call 724-426-1955.

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