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Congratulations to our TWO CASTS of Saving Salina!

CLICK HERE to SEE WHO's WHO! plus EVERYTHING you need to know about being a part of "Saving Salina!" Pretty soon rehearsal calendars will magically appear in that folder as well.

1-2:30 PM on SUNDAY, March 10th for the FULL CAST. If you are cast as Pearl, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Keeshan, Ms. Rogers or Ms. Keeshan, please plan on staying until 3 PM. 

Directors Kandy Cleland, Jodine Pilmer and Niki Slaven-Rettig are excited to announce the outstanding cast of youth who will play the science geeks and sea creatures for the upcoming production of our original, “Saving Salina!” 

At auditions we were overwhelmed by the 54 talented and enthusiastic young people who wanted to take the stage so we figured out a way to showcase all of the great kids who had the courage to show up and audition.

We have divided them into TWO casts. A grade K-4 cast that will perform at 7 PM Friday, April 19th and 2 PM Saturday, April 20th, and a grade 5-8 cast that will perform at 7 PM Saturday, April 20th and 2 PM Sunday, April 21st. There will be NO DAYTIME SCHOOL PERFORMANCES due to spring testing conflicts. 

We are working on a rehearsal schedule based on conflicts the cast has provided. We will hand out a two week schedule at our first rehearsal-


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