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K-8 Auditions for "Saving Salina" March 2 & 4!

Enjoy a BLAST from the PAST video promo of one of our 2019 productions. This will give you an idea of where we are headed with our spring production of "Saving Salina." It's the story of a courageous mama loggerhead sea turtle- Salina- who makes the journey to the beach where she was hatched to lay her eggs.

CLICK THIS LINK to access our resource folder which includes our ONLINE Audition Sign Up, the script, and the lines for MEMORIZATION.

Stage Left Youth Players will audition K-8th graders for Saving Salina from 10 AM- Noon on Saturday, March 2nd and from 4-7 PM on Monday, March 4th. The journey of loggerhead sea turtles inspired playwrights and directors Kandy Cleland and Jodine Pilmer to create a story of the undersea adventure of a mother sea turtle, Salina, who must courageously find her way back to the beach where she was hatched to lay her eggs. 

Cleland, Pilmer and guest director Niki Slaven-Retting seek a cast of 24-32 to play the children and young teens who will take the stage April 19-21 at the Trinity Playhouse, 234 E Lincoln Way in Lisbon. Interested youth should visit to access the online audition form, lines for memorization, and see more information about the show. Additional questions please email or call 724-426-1955.


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