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Meet the Cast of "Eureka!"

Guest Artistic Director Niki Slaven-Rettig & Musical Director Jodine Pilmer are excited to announce the outstanding cast of grade K-8 youth who will play the young inventors for Stage Left Youth Players' production of "Eureka! Let's celebrate kids with brains!" Congratulations to everyone!

This original musical consists of a series of vignettes about creative, inventive and curious young people throughout history. Each cast member will be included in 3-4 vignettes, and all will have the opportunity for speaking parts. This show is unique in that you will all play many characters so LOOK FOR YOUR NAME in the numbered song list.

Our first rehearsal is THIS SATURDAY, October 1st for the FULL CAST from 10:30-11:30 AM followed by an 11:30-NOON rehearsal for Caroline Moser, Ryane Bing, Sara Thompson, Layla Nunzir, Scarlett Courtney, Reagan Smith.

Please check your email for important information from Niki. We will also post all information on our website


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