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Snap the Whip boys on the hunt!

Check out our hats! We’ve started costuming our terrific kidz who will play the pioneer boys in our November 17-19 production of “Snap the Whip!” These kids will make you laugh as armed with slingshots, they go hunting in the woods for the WILD game to add to Mamaw’s Dunn’s Brunswick Stew.

Make your online reservation now as tickets sell out quickly for our youth productions.

Playwrights and directors Kandy Cleland and Jodine Pilmer found inspiration in Winslow Homer’s painting to write a children’s musical set in 1850s Ohio. The story follows the challenges and joys of pioneer children throughout the seasons of a year. We begin in summer playfully scattering across a meadow in summer heat, and continue by making apple butter during fall harvest, battling winter storms and sickness, and rejoicing in a spring thaw.

Many thanks to the Ohio Arts Council for providing funding for this season’s Stage Left Youth Players’ productions.


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